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Winter Herbs

Winter is officially here and in true Ayurvedic tradition it is time for us to adjust yet again to acclimate to our surroundings so we can live in harmony. As we know by now, there are three different doshas in Ayurveda which are governed by at least two of the…

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The Right Beverage for You

Ayurvedic approach to food and drinks is centralized around optimizing your digestive agni (fire), which  is individually unique. This individualized approach not only applies to what should be consumed, but also how.  What might be good for one may not be good for someone else; for example, seltzer waters are…

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Managing Menopause with Ayurveda

The peri-menauposal, menopausal and post-menopausal stages of life are unique to each woman but universal to all women. It should be looked upon as an opportunity to concentrate on the self and seek help with a positive attitude rather than withdrawing one-self from the rest of the world. Each phase…

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How to Detox – the Ayurvedic Way

In today’s environment, our bodies are overwhelmed with new and novel stressors each day including environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions, and psychological stress, to name a few. Our bodies are the world’s best machine, they process all kinds of inputs distinguishing what’s good for you from what’s not, removing…

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