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“Our intention is to offer authentic exceptional products created with your family’s wellbeing in mind. Marigoldbub is a culmination of rich tradition, plant-based science and above all – Love.”

Marigoldbub - Calming Baby Massage Oil

Sourced from the earth, straight from the heart

Marigoldbub is the answer for parents seeking natural ways to deal with the common, irksome conditions – from colic to gas pains to teething to skin and diaper rash to troubled sleep – that affect so many newborns. Ayurveda-inspired to promote balance, health, and well-being and facilitate the nurturing parent/child bonding experience, Marigoldbub provides assurance that what you’re putting on your child’s body is completely natural and sourced from mother earth, not from a laboratory.


As a mom of two we always try to find ways to make our days and nights go smooth and create a healthy safe environment for our little ones. And using this oil at night before bedtime for my little one has been amazing when my baby is fussy I just use this amazing oil and and helps calm them which I’ve noticed has been helping with their night time sleep which is amazing anything to make a mamas life easier I’m all for it and not only that it creates such a beautiful bond with with baby. I would totally recommend this natural oil that is beneficial in so many ways and I know this is something that I will be using for as long as possible.

Aya Aziz

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting so much thought and care into the Calming Baby Massage Oil!  

My mom always told me that she gave me and my sister massages after our baths as babies.  When I had my oldest, she encouraged me to do the same – she said it helps calm the baby before bedtime. It’s something that goes back generations in our family. However, it never became a regular practice with my oldest, because I could never find a baby oil that I liked. My youngest is now 1. I’m SO glad that I found Marigoldbub!!! I use it on her after every bath. It has a wonderful fragrance and isn’t super greasy. My mom was recently in town. She immediately loved the product. She said it reminded her of what she used on us as babies in India!

Thanks again for the creating something we love! 

Sowmya Chaney

Our family absolutely loves the massage oil. We used to do baby massage with lotion because we couldn’t find an oil that was natural, safe, and didn’t upset our son’s sensitive, eczema-prone skin. This oil seems to calm him both physically and emotionally and his skin has responded really well to it. It has been a great addition to our daily routine. Thank you, Marigoldbub!

Elizabeth Ramsey

growing with your family

Handcrafted and sourced from the highest quality ingredients, Marigoldbub products are backed by science and designed for everyday use.

Marigoldbub - For Moms To Be
For Moms to be
Marigoldbub - For Baby
For Baby
Marigoldbub - For Postpartum
For Postpartum


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Clean Ingredients

Marigoldbub - Ayurveda Inspired

Ayurveda Inspired

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