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about Marigoldbub


Marigoldbub was created to make the ancient science of Ayurveda* easy to understand, relatable, and applicable into the daily lives of busy parents. Our intention is to offer authentic exceptional products created with your family’s wellbeing in mind. Marigoldbub is a culmination of rich tradition, plant-based science and above all – Love.

Products with Purpose:

Our collection is crafted to keep our planet and its people healthy of mind, body, and spirit. Our commitment to you is to bring authentic, evidence-based products to help balance a healthy, mindful lifestyle enriched with the heritage of Ayurvedic traditions. All our products are free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, palm oil, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO, PEGs, TEA, DEA and are cruelty free.  My commitment to you is to bring you authentic products that balance healthy, mindful living with the rich heritage of the Ayurvedic traditions in which I was raised.


Naina grew up in India immersed in an Ayurvedic lifestyle. She traditionally sipped on golden milk daily, not fully realizing their curative properties until later. Thirteen years after moving to the United States, Naina started to feel out of touch with her formative years. As her family started growing, she was able to reclaim her sense of culture and tradition by reaching back into her heritage’s ancient texts where she learned how to provide a holistic solution for her family’s needs. The elevated level of self-love India practices with their devotion to preventative care, sparked the idea for Marigoldbub, a line of natural and botanical products focused on the needs of growing families alike.

*Derived from the Sanskrit words “Ayur” (life) and “Veda” (knowledge) Ayurveda is a centuries old natural wellness system practiced in India since the dawn of history.

Marigoldbub - Calming Baby Massage Oil

growing with your family

Handcrafted and sourced from the highest quality ingredients, Marigoldbub products are backed by science and designed for everyday use.

Marigoldbub - For Moms To Be
For Moms to be
Marigoldbub - For Baby
For Baby
Marigoldbub - For Postpartum
For Postpartum


Marigoldbub - Ayurveda Approach to Fourth Trimester

Ayurvedic Approach to Fourth Trimester

In today’s world, it is common for mother’s to feel pressure to bounce back as quickly as possible to return to their “normal life” after baby. There are physical, emotional and spiritual shifts that come from birthing a new life. Once our baby/babies and placenta are born the womb is left empty. In Ayurveda having…

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Marigoldbub - Ayurveda - An Introduction

Ayurveda – An Introduction

Ayurveda is often described as the medicinal system from India dating back 5000 years. While that is true, ayurveda is a much more complex and holistic wellness foundation which includes herbal medicine, dietetics, body work, surgery, psychology and spirituality. At its core, Ayurvedic philosophy is focused on balance; any symptoms subtle or obvious, are an…

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