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Ayurvedic Approach to Fourth Trimester

In today’s world, it is common for mother’s to feel pressure to bounce back as quickly as possible to return to their “normal life” after baby. There are physical, emotional and spiritual shifts that come from birthing a new life. Once our baby/babies and placenta are born the womb is left empty. In Ayurveda having this increased space in our pelvic and abdominal area means our Vata dosha (which is made up of Space and Wind/Air elements) is increased. The qualities of Vata (think qualities of air) include light, dry, rough, clear, active, cold and mobile. An excess of these elements can result in insomnia, anxiety, overwhelm, worry, loss of appetite, digestive issues and dryness. 

To balance this increased wind/air in our bodies, Ayurveda suggests implementing opposite qualities and practices. Here is a list of tips that can set you on a  healing postpartum journey: 

  • Rest. Air is movement. Movement of the body and of the mind. Resting, and relaxation is important to recover after pregnancy and birth; so during this time, focus on rest and recovery for you and the baby. Get and ask for as much help as you can and need to use these initial days to build back your body and strength. 
  • Establish A Routine. New Parents (all parents) rarely get enough sleep. It is important to find other places in your life where you can maintain a sense of stability. Routines are a core part of Ayurveda’s wellness philosophy, a routine can be as simple as regularly eating breakfast at the same time each day or finding five minute of mindfulness.  Small acts like that make all the difference.
  • Practice Abhyanga (Daily Oil Massage). When you are in the midst of the postpartum stage and experiencing the effects of Vata, especially dryness, a self-massage each morning or evening will help you stay healthy and grounded. Use a warming oil, sesame is highly recommended though any oil will do, and gently massage your body. This massage will moisturize your skin and help you engage in self-love and ground you. 
  • Natural Wholesome Easy to Digest Meals. Vata’s cold and dry properties can be managed with warm, cooked and wholesome foods. Simple recipes like Khichadi, soups (especially lentil) and cooked green leafy vegetables paired with warming spices such as ginger, cumin, and coriander can help you ground, nourish and build strength 

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