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Navigating a Winter Pregnancy

Winter is one of the best seasons to be pregnant. Not only the weather is nice and pleasant, you have a variety of foods full of nutrition to choose from. However, the season comes with its own set of challenges considering expecting mothers are at risk of various allergies and infections during this time. While pregnant women should follow proper care during the entirety of their pregnancy, care during the winter months may need to be tweaked to ensure that you are able to adjust based on seasonal changes. Here are some tips that can help you stay on track during a winter pregnancy.

Drink sufficient water: Winter doesn’t mean you should lower your water intake. It is possible to get dehydrated even during winters. Don’t wait to feel thirsty and hydrate yourself with water, soups, or coconut water and continue to avoid excessive amounts of coffee, caffeinated teas, colas, juices, and other sweetened beverages.

Adjust your Abhyanga: Abhyanga is even more important during the winter months and it is absolutely vital to begin your day with a full-body self-massage. If you are pregnant during the winter, adjust the oil to a nourishing and warming oil, like sesame oil and apply with using long strokes along the long bones and circular strokes on the joints. Massage the abdomen gently. Massaging of the nipples is recommended after the 4th month. After abhyanga, take a warm water bath. It helps to open the channel of circulation. If you tend to have dry skin (mostly Vata dominant) add post bath nourishing through an body butters and creams infused with Aloe and licorice.

Continue a Sattvic Diet: Winter months, paired with the holidays, can be notorious for eating heavy foods that can cause indigestion, constipation and a slew of other digestive issues. The Vedic texts recommend sattvic foods, which means pure, easily digested foods that nourish mother and the unborn child. These include foods such as milk, rice, wheat, and ghee (clarified butter), fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. Sattvic foods do not cause constipation or indigestion, and they create a more settled state of mind.

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