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Tips for Managing Postpartum Anxiety

During the first week after childbirth, many women experience a feeling of low mood and mildly depressed which is often called the “baby blues” or Post-Partum Depression (PPD). According to Ayurvedic Medicine, Vata, the space and air element is responsible for brain activity. After labor, Vata becomes imbalanced, due to sudden and hormonal changes that take place in the body, and can get further aggravated due to lack of sleep, worries and anxieties, especially prevalent in first time moms.

Reassurance, love, care and compassion are the best tools to help a mom wade off the emotional and physical trauma she had undergone throughout the process of being a mom. Similarly, it is very important that mothers accept the need rest, recuperate and rejuvenate.
Yoga and meditation are part of the Ayurvedic system with the same goal to calm the fluctuation of the mind, and are very helpful in case of depression. The below practices can be helpful in encouraging mindfulness to calm the mind and ground the heart:

  • Start by getting some fresh air daily. A few minutes of walk, or just nature bathing. Taking time to draw inspiration from Nature and its stillness will allow you to let go, the need to be perfect, of expectations and plans.
  • Practice Nadi Shodhana (alternative nostril breathing). This practice is said to reduce stress and anxiety by purifying nadis (channels) in our bodies. It allows prana (life force) to breath easily.
  • Have warm, mushy and cooked food to pacify the Vata. Focus on foods that bring warmth to your mind and heart.
  • Rub Bhringaraj oil into your scalp and on your feet. Bhringaraj oil helps treat pitta imbalances to induce sleep and tranquility. Brahmi not only enhances memory but also keeps the mind calm and composed.

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