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Healing Power of Metals

Healing with metals is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Metals like gold, silver and copper have been used to treat various health problems in Ayurveda. Healing metals have the power to neutralize the negative energy. According to Ayurvedic belief system, copper, gold, and silver play a vital role in maintaining our well-being. Natural substances, like some metals, contain vital energy reservoirs known as prana, so they are suitable for healing, strengthening and protecting the human body.

In ancient times, it was a practice with the Kings and the affluent to use gold and silver utensils and cutlery to serve and eat food, and to store and drink water from these metallic containers. It is common practice in India to put a gold or silver foil in murabbas, chyawanprash and medicines even today.
There are three core metals that are revered in Ayurveda, Gold, Silver and Copper, each for its unique healing benefits as outlined below:

• We have recently seen gold in skincare products such as creams, masks and serums for its numerous anti-aging benefits. It is common Ayurveda practice of administering gold nanoparticles along with herbs; the belief is that the gold acts like a catalyst that carries herbal medicine to the targeted organ and enhances its activity. Gold benefits the brain, relaxes the body and mind. People suffering from respiratory disease like asthma, breathlessless, diseases of the lungs, heart diseases, brain diseases, find it beneficial to consume gold charged water or gold particles with honey.
• Silver is revered for its cooling properties and found to be highly beneficial with folks with a higher proportion of Pitta (Fire and Water). People suffering from digestive problems and organs related to digestion like stomach, intestines, liver etc and those suffering from diseases of the urinary system and organs find it benefits to consume silver charged water. Silver has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties.
•Copper is needed by the body for various physiological functions like RBC synthesis, protein metabolism, enzyme activity and benefits the nervous and circulatory systems and bone health. Traditional Ayurvedic practices often encourage cooking in cooper vessels or at minimum with copper bottom vessels to leverage the benefits of this required elements.

While there are numerous ways of incorporating these metals in your routine, the key is to ensure that any consumption is of high-quality metal. One of the most common ways to realize the benefits of metals is by charging the water with the metal, ideally taking a pure gold/silver/copper coin and leaving it overnight in the water and drinking the water first thing in the morning. The health benefits of the metals can be transferred to the water which comes in contact with these metals.

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