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Saffron for a Simple Pregnancy

Known as “Kesar” in India, Saffron is a spice, used over centuries for its tremendous beauty and health benefits. It is enriched with magnesium, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, selenium, zinc, calcium, vitamin A and C and other potent minerals.

In Ayurvedic texts, Saffron is known for its healing properties. In babies, Saffron helps to fight against several bodily ailments. It helps in digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties and also ensures oral hygiene. A half teaspoon contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins that are of great significance to health; it contains 38% Vitamin C, 17% Iron, 18% Magnesium, 14 % each of Vitamin B6 and Potassium.

Primary benefits of Saffron during pregnancy include:
Improves digestions – The growing fetus exerts pressure on your digestive tract causing digestive discomfort. Saffron could be your best friend during pregnancy as it boosts blood flow to your digestive system and enhances your metabolism. This, in turn, aids in better digestion.
Regulates blood pressure – Potassium and crocetin present in saffron help lower your blood pressure
Manage mood swings – Saffron has antidepressant effects that can help in calming down the mood swings. Intake of this spice boosts the blood flow to your brain. It also produces a hormone called ‘serotonin’ that is known to elevate your mood and keep all those annoying mood swings at bay.

If you decide to incorporate Saffron in your pregnancy, the best way is with moderation; ideally by adding a few threads of saffron to a glass of warm milk before bed for best results.

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