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Better Sleep with Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers sleep as an essential component of good health and wellbeing. According to Ayurvedic principles, adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining balance and harmony in the body and mind. Sleep is the time when the body replenishes its energy levels, repairs damaged tissues, and builds new cells. Additionally proper sleep, both quality and time, are vital for regulating hormones such as cortisol, and melatonin, and producing immune cells that help fight infections and diseases, promoting overall immunity.

Getting better sleep with Ayurveda involves adopting a holistic approach to sleep that includes practices to balance the mind, body, and environment. Here are some Ayurvedic tips to get better sleep:
Determine your dosha: Understanding your dosha, or your unique mind-body type, can help you identify which practices are best for you. The most vital part of knowing your constitution is determining the optimal diet which plays a vital role in healthy sleep. Eating a diet rich in whole foods, including fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods and caffeine, can help promote better sleep.
Follow a regular sleep schedule: Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps establish a regular sleep-wake cycle, which promotes better sleep. Boost your regular sleep schedule with a relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, and pranayama.
Use calming essential oils: Essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile can be used to promote relaxation and better sleep. Diffusers are a great way to create the perfect comfortable sleep environment along with a dark, quiet bedroom.
Use Ayurvedic herbs: Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Jatamansi can help promote relaxation and better sleep. Our personal preference is night time tea, generally herbal teas or often even boiled herbs can be a great way to trigger relaxation into body and start the sleep time ritual.
Practice gratitude: Expressing gratitude before bed can help promote feelings of calmness and relaxation. A nightly affirmation, prayer or journal of thanks are a great way of beginning the sleep routine with positivity.

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