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Ayurvedic explanation for Preclampsia

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that affects up to 10% of expecting mamas and generally develops in the second or third trimester. In come cases (like mine) you may experience pre-clampsia post delivery resulting from the birth stress. It involves high protein levels in the urine and swelling (edema) in addition to high blood pressure. Ultimately, these symptoms can affect blood flow and nutrient transfer to your baby and risk of other complications, including preterm birth and milk production and quality post birth.

There’s been extensive research into the origins of high blood pressure and preeclampsia and researchers still don’t have perfectly clear answers on how to prevent or treat it. There is more than one cause of high blood pressure and not all cases can be prevented or managed with lifestyle choices, however there are some evidence-based lifestyle choices that can help.

Here are some suggested Ayurvedic lifestyle approaches that can help manage symptoms:

  1. Pranic Breathing – Pranic Breathing, a set of simple rhythmic breathing patterns, similar to “pranayama” taught in many types of yoga, that enable you to draw in and distribute energy throughout your physical body. Below are simple instructions for Pranic Breathing.
    a. Gently place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This helps circulate energy throughout the body.
    b. Inhale through your nose for six counts.
    c. Hold your breath for three counts.
    d. Exhale through your nose for six counts.
    e. Hold your breath for three counts.
    f. This 6-3-6-3 breathing completes one cycle.
    You can do pranic breathing during meditation, on a walk, or any time you feel an addition of stress.
  2. Visualization: Visualize the unborn child inside the womb; project loving kindness to the child. Create an auric shield for the child with light pink.
  3. Regular abhyanga from the sixth month onwards to promote effective blood circulation and relaxation. Therapies like head massage, belly massage, foot massage and Shirodhara are also effective for relaxing the nervous system.

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