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Monthly Archives: March 2024

Its all about Ingredient Transparency: The Clean and Natural Essence of MarigoldBub’s Skincare

At MarigoldBub, we believe in the transformative power of clean and natural skincare. Our commitment to ingredient transparency ensures that every product encapsulates the pure essence of nature, nurturing your skin with integrity and care. That's why every formulation at MarigoldBub is meticulously crafted, harnessing the potency of nature's gifts while excluding harmful chemicals and…

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Marigoldbub - Nurture by Nature

Embracing Ayurveda for Postpartum Healing and Nourishment

Dear Beautiful Mothers, The postpartum period is a sacred phase—a time of immense joy, bonding, and nurturing. Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, offers invaluable wisdom and practices to support your journey through postpartum recovery, promoting holistic healing and rejuvenation. In Ayurveda, the postpartum phase, known as "Sutika Paricharya," is considered pivotal for a new…

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